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What Is Kitchen Recovery?

Kitchen Recovery is the hand demolition of cabinets in the reverse order of their construction in order to carefully remove materials for reuse and recycling. 


The Community Toolbox Kitchen Recovery (KR) Team can come to your house and disassemble and remove kitchens and appliances for sale in our warehouse in Portsmouth. The KR Team is led by a highly qualified builder who has built hundreds of homes and renovated hundreds more. His all-volunteer team, many of whom are builders and contractors themselves, comes fully insured and armed with all the necessary equipment to do a professional job. The team will clean up after the job and leave your home ready for the next phase of your renovation. 


Below are some photos of a kitchen removal. We can do the same for you! 


Call Community Toolbox at 603-294-0479 to ask any questions about our process and to arrange for our team to help you with your renovation project. References provided upon request. 



What are the Benefits? 

As a homeowner, when you choose Community Toolbox for your Kitchen Recovery project, you will be getting quality work done for a fraction of the cost, helping defray your project costs. As well, you are donating the reusable materials from your project to be resold to the general public at deep discounts in our warehouse. This provides you a tax deduction, as well as the opportunity to help us raise money to provide low-cost home repairs to people in need in our community. 


As a contractor, when you use our KR Team, you will be working with a professional, fully insured team of volunteers. We will come onto your work site and, for a very small donation, remove all reusable materials, saving you money in labor costs and disposal fees. By reducing your costs, you will be able to provide a more competitive price to your customers. Donations of materials are tax deductible. 


As a Store Manager, you have customers coming to buy new kitchen cabinets. That means they have old ones they want to get rid of. Send them our way! By offering your customers the KR services of Community Toolbox, you are offering them an even more complete shopping experience. You are making their lives easier and you are helping them help others. That will improve their impression of your store, which equates to more sales through word of mouth.


If you have a deconstruction or home improvement project, please contact the Kitchen Recovery Team at Kitchenrecovery@CommToolbox.org