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Since our founding in 2013, Community Toolbox is proud to have helped hundreds of families! These are only a few of our client stories. Please visit our Facebook page for more examples of the great work we do in our communities, recent clients we have helped, and how you can get involved.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world,
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
     - Margaret Mead

Alisa is no longer homebound!!
Seven volunteers, including KMOD Enhancements LLC, built a wheelchair ramp for a woman who recently suffered a debilitating injury. This ramp is critical for her to get in and out of her home, to and from her therapy. We are very grateful to Community Partners of NH for providing the necessary funds to purchase the materials for the ramp.  Having a brain injury at such a young age creates problems no one should ever have to come up against, and coming to terms with this disability is not an easy thing. Alisa's joy upon being able to get out of her home, on her own, is exactly why we do what we do.
A New, Safe Entryway for Patsy
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Every time Patsy went in and out of her home, she put herself at risk. The entryway was rotting and had gaping holes in it, not to mention it was held up by rotting, uneven supports.  With financial assistance from Womenade of Greater Squamscott to pay for the materials, our volunteers completely replaced the entryway, with new footings and rails.  This project will change Patsy's life, every single day.
Safe Floors for a Local Veteran
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Fixing his leaking roof took all his extra funds, leaving him with little hope of fixing the spongy, unsafe floors in his home and at his entry.  With the financial assistance of Womenade of Greater Squamscott and the dedication of our volunteers, this veteran is once again safe in his home.
Warmer Winters for Lynn
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A poorly constructed window left Lynn with huge drafts, making her home cold and eating up her winter fuel supply.  Everyone deserves to be warm in winter.  Her smile says it all.  It's why we do what we do.
A Wheelchair Ramp in Exeter
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2 pairs of hands, a few tools and some wood – that is all it took to change the life of one Exeter woman who was unable to leave her home because of the missing piece at the end of her wheelchair ramp. Our team rebuilt the bottom of her ramp making it safe for her to use again.  This whole project took less than one day but made a huge difference for this lovely disabled woman.

A Fixed Sink and Ramp for Linda

Linda is a senior widow who lives in a mobile home in Portsmouth.  We fixed her sink and installed a ramp on her entry steps as the first step was too steep for her ailing knees. 

"In these hard times, I feel along with others that seniors have been forgotten.  I would like to inform you that we are not.  There is a non-profit organization called Community Toolbox, Inc.  I needed new kitchen and bathroom faucets and a new shelf under my kitchen sink.  The volunteers came and estimated cost of materials and set up appointment time to repair.  They were professional, neat and did excellent clean up.  I would recommend this organization to any senior who is in need of help to improve their home.  Seniors - we have not been forgotten."  - Linda

Fixed Faucets for Eunice and Frank


Eunice and Frank are a 90+ year old couple who still live in their own home in Portsmouth.  They live on a fixed income and were referred to us by Area Home Care when their kitchen faucet broke down.  When we spoke to Eunice, she was thrilled to know we could help her, "because I'm doing my dishes in the bathroom sink!"   A simple repair that made their lives much better. Subsequently, we heard that Eunice had been in the hospital due to a fall, leaving Frank to care for himself.  Their home care representative contacted us and we went in and installed safety railings and grab bars in their bathroom in order that they could use the facilities and still be safe.   It's why we do what we do.


New Grab Bars and Stair Rails for "A"

A (name shortened for privacy reason) has stage 4, metatastic cancer.  She has lost much mobility and strength in one side of her body and it was becoming unsafe for her to climb stairs, enter the tub/shower or even come up her front steps.  Our small crew of 3 volunteers changed her life for the better, keeping her safe, by building custom stair rails in our store, then installing those in 7 places in her home, as well as installing grab bars in her bathrooms and at her front entryway.  As an added touch, they fixed her doorbell and replaced lightbulbs in her front entry chandelier.  (Lighting is essential to her safety, as well as being able to hear her doorbell.)


"I wanted to say thank you for the marvelous job your team did.  The railings are just great.  I can't tell you what a big relief it is having them in the house - they make a big, big difference.  Thank you to you and your team - I really appreciate it!"   - A

A New Porch and Stairs for Dana

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Today, a group of volunteers changed a woman's life for the better by giving of their time.  They worked for hours in the cold cutting, measuring and hammering for a woman they didn't know, so she and her family could be safe and well.   They changed her life today.  Dana is legally blind and had a very unsafe  back porch and stairs.  Our skilled team of contractors and volunteers rebuilt the stairs and added a proper railing.


"First thing this morning, while my children were sleeping like angels, my guide dog Brody [woke me to let me know] he needed food, water and to go outside.  I didn’t know until stepping outside that things were slick.  It was such a relief to follow him safely down the stairs while using the railing for security.  Again, great peace was felt while resting safely on the landing while he went to work, and safely getting back to our door with a railing to help guide me on the side where my guide dog was not... I have received many compliments as to what a great job was done on the deck.  I really would not have been able to get it fixed without your help.  The unexpected expense of replacing my clothes dryer this month, and the seasonal need to purchase 150 gallons of oil have me checking my bank balance daily.  I truly would not have been able to make my deck entrance safe without all of you.  Thank you all so much." -Dana